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Workers' Comp Clearinghouse

Swiftivity’s workers’ comp clearinghouse and healthcare EDI solutions lead the industry by uniting providers and payors. Accelerate your claims, amplify your efficiency, and lower costs with Swiftivity.

Workers' Comp Authorization

Swiftivity’s workers’ comp prior authorization solution provides a secure and convenient software platform tuned for efficient P2P communication and expedited prior auth requests. 

Payors and Providers

Payors and providers can enhance revenue cycle management, achieve streamlined workflows, and improve patient outcomes with Swiftivity’s EDI solutions.

EDI Made Easy

Swiftivity welcomes all claim volumes — and we’re happy to show you how we can help you achieve more.

Experts in EDI Technology

Our infrastructure, agile cloud capabilities, and data redundancies support strong business continuity and disaster recovery for your EDI integration or digital prior authorizations.

Workers' Comp Prior Authorizations

Complete prior authorizations for workers’ compensation claims quickly and efficiently, with an audit trail of all provider and payer communications and enhanced P2P communication.

EDI Solutions & Workers Comp Clearinghouse

Achieve easy medical claims, EMR/EHR attachments and payments at cost savings with EDI integration from Swiftivity. We know payment process and we specialize in workers’ comp and auto medical billing.

Swiftivity® provides proprietary EDI solutions and clearinghouse technology for workers’ comp prior authorizations, medical billing, and claims processing.

Swiftivity® deploys a suite of enterprise integration tools — we pride ourselves on being able to perform affordable EDI ​data mapping, conversion & transformation for seamless integration and efficient implementation. Our solution conveniently unites medical providers and insurance payors to achieve enhanced revenue cycles and improved patient outcomes.

Drowning in the sea of payor/provider networks?

Subscribers who process claims with Swiftivity® EDI see a significant return on investment and enjoy exceptional user support services. We make EDI and workers’ comp prior authorization easy for:

  • Claim management decision makers
  • The technology experts who integrate platforms
  • And the hardworking groups of billing and adjuster users they serve

Do you coordinate workers’ comp medical treatment authorizations?

Swiftivity’s Workers’ Comp Prior Authorization Software

Our prior authorization software solution is an easy way to connect to any adjuster, anywhere, at any time! Real-time connectivity for medical providers, payors, employers and case managers is achieved through EDI and our proprietary conference call scheduling features.