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Technical Specs

Need Implementation Details?

If you’re visiting this section of our website, chances are you might need more details about exactly how EDI connectivity works (or doesn’t!).

Below is a general overview of the technical specifications common system integrations that may be desired. It is just a starting point.

Customized Integration EDI Solutions

There is not an implementation that we’ve encountered yet that doesn’t include a super special legacy system or two that needs customized attention. Luckily for everyone, we love that!

The technical resources here at Swiftivity are amazing. If you have ideas or challenges that need customized attention, we are here to help!

Common Formats

837/275 (Bill and Attachment)
TA1 999/997/824 (Acknowledgements)
276/277 (Bill Status Inquiry/Response)
835 (Remittance Advice)
278 (Authorization Requests & Response)