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Uncompromising standards. Superior financial results.
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An EDI Clearinghouse Approach to P & Claims that’s Decisively Different

We stake our reputation on delivering measurable results and superior client services and have the technology and experience to back up our claims. Best Practices is our standard.

We developed a method for supporting EDI user integration in a way that creates measurable positive financial impact while consistently improving the daily user experience. It’s an approach proven to enhance existing claim processes, better serve high-value clients and multiply revenue.

Our technology is developed to support the users starting with simple integration while providing excellent cost effectively outcomes.

The fact is, you won’t find another EDI service provider that cares and is as vested in your success as Swiftivity®. Our client partnering philosophy means our team starts and ends the day thinking of ways to enhance our partnerships.

Why are we focused on specialty claims EDI process?

Claim Industry Expertise – Meet RMSOA.
The short story on why RMSOA invested heart and soul to design a new EDI model.

Established in 1996, Risk Management Solutions of America, Inc. (RMSOA) is a premier Back Office Support Systems B.O.S.S® Services Company in North America. Our goal is to provide you with a vital link between risk, underwriting and claims management. RMSOA has primarily worked with national and regional insurance carriers, third party claims administrators and brokers. With a strong background in workers compensation, it was decided to develop a communication tool to improve the workflow between medical providers and payers.

With thousands of medical providers adopting EDI, RMSOA/Swiftivity® recognized it was no longer a question of if EDI worked. The challenge was to find ways to enhance the service and improve outcomes. With our provider portal, easy integration mapping, electronic authorization with the proprietary conference call scheduling tool… The Goal Was Achieved.

Today, the deeper challenge for medical providers and payers is how to select the best EDI service provider. Our diverse talented team of Claims, Risk Manager, Medical and Technology experts means when you select Swiftivity you are selecting a team with comprehensive and extensive expertise of the entire industry. The result is a team which will continue to provide cutting edge services.

EDI Buying Experience: 30+ years of claims, medical and technology expertises have been assembled to produce desired Returns on Investments (ROI). Transparency in price proposals and service delivery through a knowledgeable account management staff who will establish service plans with goals which will be reviewed during stewardship meetings. Want to improve YOUR bottom line? Learn more!

EDI User Experience: We know first hand the challenges caused by new technology. Whether you’re adopting EDI clearinghouse or authorization tools capabilities for the first time, or migrating from existing systems – change is hard. We get it! Ready for an outstanding onboarding experience?

Swiftivity Medical Clearinghouse EDI Technology

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